Walter Zwipf, lawyer

Walter Zwipf was born in Munich.

He studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

His admission to the bar was in 1957.

Until 1970 he was a partner of the law firm Schramm Klaka Zwipf, which was Germany-wide well-known for the protection of industrial rights and he continued with this specialised activity of the protecion of industrial rights together with Carl Schramm, lawyer, in the law firm Schramm Zwipf Gabriel & Partner, which has been carried on as new registered partnership ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN PARTNERSCHAFT (RECHTSANWÄLTE) since 1997.

Walter Zwipf , together with his former senior partner Carl Schramm, has paved the way for the protection of industrial rights in Germany.

Nowadays, Walter Zwipf is senior partner of ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE.

Since he spent a short and for him very impressive part of his youth in Dresden, he has been an enthusiastic pioneer for the opening of the Dresden office of ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE.

The professional link to the two cultural capitals Munich and Dresden has been for him an emotional affair, because, besides his family, culture is his main interest.

Even today he carries out his advisory work in the field of law of succession in the office of his hometown Munich, while he in particular looks after executions of a will and administrations of estates.


Foreign languages: English


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