Intellectual Property/Competition Law

ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE support their clients as advisors and litigators in legal issues relating to the protection of intellectual property and competition law. Relying on years of experience we support our clients and represent them in the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market for EU Trademarks and EU Design, in courts of ordinary jurisdiction and public authorities as well as in arbitration proceedings and mediation processes.

ZWIPF ROSENHAGEN RECHTSANWÄLTE have comprehensive legal expertise in the fields of industrial property rights, obtaining intellectual property rights in the fields of trademarks and designs as well as the defence and enforcement of trademark, design, software and domain rights. Further fields of activity of the Law Firm are employee invention law, the law of product imitation and unfair competition.

Our services include, in particular:

  • Representation in trademark, design and copyright infringement proceedings as well as in proceedings relating to competition law
  • Strategic instruction on the development, protection, commercialisation, defence and enforcement of trademarks and protected designs
  • Application, management and collision monitoring of trademarks and designs including the accomplishment of trademark and title enquiries
  • Instruction on the protection, safeguarding, use and enforcement of industrial property rights including inventions as well as on the protection of trade secrets and know-how
  • Advice in the development of advertising and marketing strategies as well as the defence against anticompetitive practices of competitors
  • Arrangement and negotiation of research and development, licence and cooperation agreements
  • Advice in all issues relating to IT law
  • Supervision of IT projects from the request for bids to the drafting of a contract and the implementation of the project
  • Disputes relating to internet domains
  • Advice in the field of e-commerce
  • Preparation of expert opinions and due diligence reports